Alt-Right Hypocrisy and Degeneracy Exposed

By Christian Marx

Yesterday’s poster boy for the far right Libertarian movement, Milo Yiannopoulos spectacularly fell from grace. This was unsurprising, as defending paedophilia and trying to normalise sex with a priest when Milo was 14 years old, is not only tasteless, it crosses the boundaries of moral mores.

However, what is surprising and truly shocking beyond belief is the lengths that the apostles of Milo went to defend the indefensible. On multiple Facebook pages, these deplorables were openly supporting Milo and his comments!
When this author and many others challenged them on public pages, we were met with a barrage of insults and the standard right wing rhetoric about being a Muslim apologist and supporting a religion that has a “paedophile” as a deity.


This was tragically ironic as they were, themselves, openly supporting paedophile enabling language! As an atheist I care not a jot about mythical gods, but I am extremely worried when the Nazi/Libertarian right try to muddy the waters by throwing in Islam to protect actual paedophile enabling, from a real person.

This didn`t seem to enter their small frontal cortex though, as their arguments and lame defences of Milo seemed to hinge on either, A) The fact that Milo is a militant attack dog against those on the left, therefore he can do no wrong, and B) Their fear of Islam is so great they will attack anyone who does not share their irrational fear of Muslims.

Imagine for a minute that a left wing public figure had openly said what Yiannopoulos has said. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Murdoch rags would have been screaming from the rooftops! If one is against paedophilia and other enabling nonsense, then ultimately it does not matter which side of the political fence one sits on. Decent thinking people will automatically condemn paedophile enabling language!

The Murdoch media and their degenerate cousins at Breitbart remain extremely quiet on this latest event. I guess it does not fall into their “left is evil” narrative. Fortunately some conservatives were disgusted and ironically, it was the right side of politics that exposed this grubby incident and ultimately led to Milo`s downfall.

What the extremists fail to see, is that enabling paedophilia and bragging about performing fellatio on a priest as a 13 year old, is not going to enamour too many people to Milo`s cause. Pushing the envelope is not necessarily a bad thing, but ultimately this time the line of decency and humanity was crossed.

It seems that both conservatives and progressives agree that sometimes “free” speech can be extremely vulgar and damaging. Libertarians on the far right and many Neo-Fascists seem to give Cart Blanche to the most disgusting speech if it protects their viewpoint or is from another with an ideology of a similar nature. They can`t go running around trying to pretend that they are against paedophilia, while at the same time endorsing Milo`s type of language.

Milo has since apologized and attempted to say some of his words were wrong and he didn`t mean what he said…but if they were not his own thoughts, then why say them? Pretending that it was all some transgressively dark humour is not an adequate excuse. This type of language should always be challenged, whether it is from the left or the right. Moral decency should transcend political leanings and this sort of language should never be defended.

Yiannopoulos will suffer some heavy fallout. He has lost his publishing deal and has had his speaking gig cancelled at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. He has also now “resigned” from his post as editor at Breitbart news.

However it is not just Milo that will suffer some severe damage, it is also his craven disciples who will be exposed for the cretins that they are. Perhaps on this issue, both conservatives and progressives have found common ground, and this latest incident is the final dagger in the heart of the Alt right/Libertarian movement. One can hope, but only time will tell.

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