Can you hear the scream?

By Christian Marx

The smell of death is in the air
Rotting bodies everywhere
Killed by Uncle Sam
That great murderous sham

Killed by greed
Bombs rained down upon
Sovereign nations in need
The corporate filth salivate
Stealing food from babies
While they bask in hate

10,000 years has taught man naught
Ego and avarice reign supreme
These monsters should be shot for sport
Can you hear the screams?
A twisted soul crying in agony
This world a sadists fantasy

Governments feed the rich
and starve the poor
Kill children with phosphorus
For the Zion lore
Like a hungry whore
The bankers scream for more

Can you hear the scream?
Mother Earth is in mortal pain
Like a sick demon the 1% reign
They suck your blood
Shoot bombs into the sky
And fill our heads with lies

Categories: Social Justice

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  1. The Western World is not only causing death and suffering to societies, they are also killing the planet. Capitalism is the cancer, it oppresses the people, vandalises the environment and reaps destruction to the eco systems. If we are going to have a planet to live on in peace, have social justice and equality, capitalism must be destroyed

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