Why a Far-Left Government is Essential

By Christian Marx

In the past 40 years the Western political narrative has shifted sharply to the right. Since the late 1970s left-wing governments have become proponents of Neoliberalism, while right-wing governments are on the verge of Fascism, in some cases, such as America, they are now indeed Fascist. The Labour parties around the world are now very right-wing regarding economic policies, and the extreme wealth divide is a direct result of this.

For the first time in nearly 100 years, third world illnesses are back in the U.K, with maladies like Rickets and Scurvy making a frightening comeback. This can be traced directly back to the weakening of the National Health Service and the evil benefits sanctions, which are so draconian that even terminally ill people have been cut off from welfare benefits while they were too sick to attend appointments with “job agencies”.

Thousands of people have DIED as a direct result of the benefits sanctions in the United Kingdom (see Thousands have died after being found fit for work, DWP figures show and Benefit sanctions lead claimants to suicide, crime and destitution, warns damning report).

Mainstream media refuses to expose these government crimes, so is also complicit in this evil. Unfortunately media is totally unwilling to do any real investigative journalism and is merely a propaganda machine for the government and big business … a classic Fascist trait.

Many people still believe in a “centrist” government, but history has exhibited time and time again, a centre/left government continues to do the bidding of big business at the expense of the poor and the working class. Promises are always broken and public assets are sold off in fire sales to big multinationals. As a result, maintenance is shoddy, service plummets and the only benefactor is the shareholder. The consumer, the staff, and in healthcare the patient all suffer as a result of the mighty dollar. It is a race to the bottom.

We have seen what our “centre left” Labor government has done in Australia. The latest disgrace is the granting of mining giant Adani, $1 billion in taxpayers’ dollars to destroy the Great Barrier Reef. This wilful destruction of the environment is no longer just the preserve of far-right governments, it is also happening with centre/left governments. These political parties are now completely beholden to big business and the wealthy 1%.

Of course if the majority of the population was well informed and had access to the information that the mainstream media blocks and refuses to report, far left governments would be in power around the world. They ultimately put the welfare of the environment and people before profits.

Not only do centre left parties also support the Neoliberal economic doctrine of the free market  (offshoring jobs, privatizing state assets and attacking social services by stealth), they also without question support American Imperialism. This craven support for the mass murder of another nation’s people in the quest for profit has reached unprecedented levels of obscenity.

Why has this been allowed to happen? The answer is money and power. It is no longer a secret that both major parties throughout the Western world are both controlled by the very wealthy 1% potential leaders from both parties are vetted by Washington. They must fit the agenda of being pro Neoliberal and pro U.S imperialism without question. This has gone on since the day that the CIA with the help of Murdoch removed our last democratically elected president from power.

Media plays a very important part in the capitalist manifesto. “Journalists” are told what to write and how to frame a narrative that sells the Neoliberal doctrine. Even the once reasonably balanced ABC has of late come under intense infiltration by various hard-right “think tanks” and is increasingly and inexorably pushing the same dogma that the commercial channels push. While the ABC has always been ridiculously pro American, it was far more balanced on domestic policy. This is sadly now also being lost.

A centre left party will NEVER work in the best interests of the people. At best it will make a few noises about cultural issues and throw a few crumbs to appease the working class, but ultimately it is only there as a controlled opposition against the far-right. The wealthy elites and big business will push whatever they can through the conservative parties, and if there is too much resistance, they will just put Labor back into power, via their propaganda media.

On top of this, it is very easy to hide behind the progressive party veneer and slowly push the economic policies further to the right, while fighting for some token social issues, such as gay marriage. Of course this issue needs to be resolved, but this author can`t help but see this as an issue that is getting massive coverage in the media, while the very drastic economic policies of asset sales, destruction of penalty rates and environmental destruction get far less coverage.

The ONLY way to get back to a system of full employment, universal healthcare, excellent social services, public owned utilities, universal education and lessening poverty is via a truly socialist government. Jeremy Corbyn in the U.K was a great hope for the U.K, but the wealthy 1% just could not tolerate a healthy and happy society. They would have to pay more tax and their endless wars would have to cease.

Ultimately it is up to the majority to start reading and seeking out the truth. While it may be easier emotionally to believe that our leaders are essentially good and decent people, the reality exposes many of these people as self seeking, and in extreme cases, outright psychopaths, who will stop at nothing to wage more wars and kill millions in their quest for greater power and profit. Not just kill people from other countries, but increasingly as in the case of the U.K, kill their own people!

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2 replies

  1. Christian is right, both parties are puppets to the corporations. Labor have lost their grass roots and have moved to the right. Labor side with the corporate tax cuts while people are struggling to put food on their tables. Labor do plenty of talking but little action. They too are pro neoliberalism, they only hide it better.
    We need a socialist party, it is the only way we will have any form of social justice and equality


  2. IMHO, the root of the problem is political education which the masses need to aware of what are the implications if we continuing going like this.
    If people were politically educated they will value more what they used to have (working conditions, living standards and rights) before surrendering them to satisfying their need for consuming and greed for material things.
    It is beyond my comprehension how the ACT and the Labor party gave away all the working conditions gained by the union movement in the past.’
    Now we are in trouble, we lost our right to strike, to paralyse the country if it is necessary because the people have mortgaged their right by borrowing money for material things that are not essential.
    Having emigrated from a country that 50 years ago went trough what Australia it is going trough now I am convinced that the only hope to reverse the present situation will be going trough a big financial crisis where people will have nothing more to loose and plenty to gain by organising a peaceful revolution.
    At the present time they have it to easy.


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