Old Mr TurnBULL

Oh Malcolm Turnbull
You do not impress me one bit
Everything you touch
Turns into Neoliberal shit

Nobody is fooled
Only the drones that drool
Murdoch spiders paid
Paid to think like a fool

My hero is Jeremy Corbyn
Let that sink in
Not like the Tories
Who preach sink or swim

You once pissed off Christian Marx
Time to nationalize your fetzons
Tory fools dance in the dark
While the socialists make their mark

Remember DLATP will not forget
Your lack of leadership
Is soon to make the majority regret
You sad old fool
I challenge you to a duel.

Christian MARX.

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  1. Should be publish in FB with music in the back ground to see if the young weak up and the ignorant learn something about.

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