Poem For The People



They laughed at DLATP*
Screamed with glee
“You are doomed to fail”
All to no avail
The protagonists never read books
Just cheap porno`s and blank looks
Car avatars aplenty
Failed to scrutinize the many
Neoliberalism was their saviour
Ethnic cleansing their behaviour
Kick the poor in the guts
Act like a cheap putz
18C was their obsession
IPA their distraction
Little did they know
DLATP was the last bastion
A bastion of hope
A force to be reckoned
Wall Street full of coke
Socialism beckoned
Psychopaths in suits
They are all depraved
Steal the people`s loot
The rich dig their own graves
So listen up when I tell thee
Neoliberalism is swine
DLATP is here for all to see
Time to attack the bourgeoisie
The rich are drunk on wine
And fail to realize the time


*DLATP (Don`t Look At This Page) is a left wing news and information Facebook page.


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