Murdoch Madness

How is it possible so many people still believe the bullshit that spews from Murdoch rags? Right wingers claim they hate globalism. Guess what? Murdoch is the ultimate globalist.
Murdoch also is a war profiteer, and ALL of his hatred for Muslims stems from his Middle Eastern war interests. He stands to gain hundreds of millions from the atrocities in Syria and Israel, via his company Geanie Energy.
Murdoch also is a right wing extremist. He seeks to completely destroy the middle class. This is why he continually attacks unions and the public sector. His ideology is Neoliberalism. (See Fascism).
He is also rabidly pro Israel (Again for purely selfish financial interests.)
He hates ANY democratic press with an opposing viewpoint to his own, as this is a direct threat to his brainwashing.
The biggest danger is his paid propagandists claiming that they speak for the average Australian and that they are centrists.
This is doublespeak. People such as Andrew Bolt, Rita Panahi and Miranda Divine are dangerous radicals. Their rhetoric gets more bizarre and extreme by the day and yet the fact that they call themselves “centrists” seems to convince those who do not critique information.
Centrists don`t attack minorities with extreme viciousness
Centrists don`t want to bash the unemployed and mercilessly demonize them.
Centrists don`t use the obnoxious language and frame narratives to fit one billionaires financial agenda
Centrists don`t go attacking our police for investigating alleged paedophile, George Pell (deranged lunatics like Andrew Bolt do)
Centrists don`t call the Labor party the extreme left
Centrists don`t call the homeless lazy and entitled
Centrists don`t call Palestinians terrorists
Centrists don`t call refugees fleeing Western terrorism, “country shoppers””
Centrists don`t believe globalization is a left wing system
Centrists don`t use buzzwords such as “virtue signaling””
Centrists don`t lie about the jobs crisis
Centrists don`t lambast common decency and respect as political correctness
Centrists don`t support Donald Trump
Centrists don`t deny man made climate change
Centrists don`t protect private capital at the expense of good social policy
Centrists don`t hate blacks, Asians or other minorities
Centrists don’t blindly support privatization
Centrists don`t constantly attack unions
Centrists don`t try to weaken racial discrimination laws
and above all centrists do not work for Rupert Murdoch!
Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can do a discourse analysis on ANY Murdoch publication and see the extreme bias.
Academics do this regularly when analyzing documents ad articles. Murdoch media would FAIL the impartiality test and would FAIL being even remotely centrist. The proof is in the words, the framing and the narrative. Small minds will believe ANYTHING so long as it fits with their warped world view. This is where Australia is in deep trouble. Too many right wing extremists who believe that Murdoch and his warped vision are even remotely centrist. Dangerous times.

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