Manufacturing Social dislocation: The Road To Fascism

By Christian Marx
This week we have seen the murderous ways of the far-right. One woman is dead and many others injured as a result of a white supremacist who ploughed his car into a counter left-wing demonstration. This act of evil is the direct result of the proliferation of hate from corporate, mainstream media. This is a calculated attack on the very fabric of society. Why do the media propagate hatred and demonize minorities? The answer is simple. Their system of corporate exploitation is coming to an end and they need to distract and divide.

The wealthy 1% know that capitalism is in trouble. The majority are getting poorer, jobs have been offshored to India, China and other foreign countries for cheap labour. Intelligent people are questioning this rampant dislocation of economic and social systems in the West. However, many are fed a diet of anti-immigrant rhetoric, racial hatred, and attacks on the powerless and the weak.
Privatization has skyrocketed the price of utilities bills, been responsible for the deaths at the Grenville Tower tragedy (which was caused by corporate corner cutting on health and safety measures). Eighty people burned to death so a few thousand pounds could be saved by installing cheap fire insulation.
People are now blaming left-wing protesters for daring to counter protest the ugliness of Fascism. Apparently, according to many posts on the internet, this driver was justified to kill … because the left dared exercise their right to call out ugly racial hatred and Nazism. Apparently, this ‘good white boy’ just snapped due to left-wing harrassment. The world has f*cking gone mad! Several far-right posters on the very page that I run (Don`t look At this Page) have posted outrageous conspiracy theories and blame Obama, activists, the deep state … and a dozen other silly excuses. If this terrorist was a Muslim, they would have screamed for blood and confected fake outrage over the people who died. Let’s face it, the right are incredible hypocrites when it comes to terrorism. If the perpetrator is a white male, who has obvious Nazi views, it is the fault of everybody else. As one thug posted on DLATP, and I quote, “I have no sympathy for the protesters who were injured (and killed) – they deserve it and should not have been demonstrating.” How the hell does one deal with this level of psychosis?
These people are clearly lunatics, but this type of thinking does not emanate from a vacuum. Rather, it requires decades of careful programming via media and other vested right-wing interests. By far the biggest propaganda outlet is the Murdoch media. Pure evil just oozes from their disgusting rags and “news” services. Clear racial division and narratives are pushed, depending on the colour of the person’s skin, religious affiliation, political leaning, and/or socioeconomic background.
Anything remotely orientated towards social justice is labelled “communist” or leftist. Unions are constantly attacked and the poor and in particular minorities such as Aboriginals are continually attacked. This is all done for one reason: to protect corporate wealth and to distract and divide the majority who are being mercilessly exploited and attacked economically.
Despite this tactic repeated again and again throughout history, people never learn. Those who are poorly educated are particularly susceptible to this corporate brainwashing. They blame immigrants, blacks, the left, unions, George Soros etc, while their real enemy is in plain sight. The very people who they champion (rich capitalists) are the people destroying them via corporate terrorism.
The spotlight must be shone on war criminals and corrupt corporate mouthpieces who knowingly push this hatred and these conspiracy theories of the “white race being genocided.” What bullshit! We are all one race: the human race. Unfortunately, some are evil to the core and will inflict massive amounts of societal dislocation and war to satisfy their quest for wealth and power.
When you have Murdoch journalists such as Miranda Divine blaming the Greens for the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the press is horribly corrupted. She should be admonished for this level of disinformation. Worse still, the pundits on the US Fox News channel twist stories into complete fantasy, igniting the damaged psychs of people like the terrorist who drove his car into innocent protesters, who dared have a voice against the toxic ideology of Nazism.
Let us as human beings come together and directly expose this criminal cabal of psychopaths in the media. Recognize that these jackals seek to divide and tear society apart all in their quest for ratings and to protect the rampant theft by their 1% owners. Dick Smith has today voiced his disgust for the current system and quite accurately named the elephant in the room of economic greed. Unless the average person gets active and directly challenges these extremist right wing narratives and silly conspiracy theories, more innocent people will die at the hands of deranged Fox News viewers.

Christian Marx is a political and social activist interested in making the world a fairer place. He has a Bachelor of Social Science and has a keen interest in sociology, politics and history. He was one of the organizers of the March in March rallies in Melbourne and is the founder of the progressive news and information page, “Don`t Look At This Page”, and is also a co-founder of “The Global Revolution” website.



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  1. “If we didn’t live in a world that offered sociopathic, predatory, capitalistic monsters total impunity for their crimes, then sociopathic, predatory, capitalistic monsters like Donald Trump wouldn’t attain positions of status and power.” from “Trump: Anatomy of a Monstrosity” by Nathan Robinson

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