Poem Of Grief

  • I have seen the ugliness
    The disgrace of money
    Monsters in power
    Growing stronger by the hour

  • Don`t fall for it!
    Lies distort reality
    Racism smashes democracy
    Hate is the ultimate hypocrisy
  • The elite love death
    Money is power
    Emptiness is in their breath
    Losing credibility… and so sour
  • The emperors new clothes
    Losing credibility
    Statues may whither
    But politicians continue to dither
  • I am not fooled
    By your sick games
    Division of the other
    Will only result in flames
  • So lets ignore this lie
    So sick of mainstream propaganda
    Use a canny eye
    Overthrow this Gerrymander
  • DLATP are onto you
    Some are waking up
    Others will see the truth
    In time your sickness
    Will be exposed for all to see
    People need to just be!
  • Capitalism is a cancer
    Greed will not fill the urge
    Your soul you cannot escape
    Plastic you must purge
  • Christian Marx.

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