Corporate Jackals

Sitting, watching QandA
I felt a strange sensation
A strange awkward malaise
Politicians lying to the nation
Now I fee sick
Tired of the same old puppets
like some superficial trick
Treating us like muppets
No, Simon, you are vile
I see through your twisted smile
Spinning the words like metaphors
Sorry… I`m not out of my goard
Simpletons may follow you
That is not my caper
I wipe my bottom on your rags
Murdoch is the prime faker
Old cliched politics are dead
No time for corporate whores
They lack the style
Of the Bohemian lore
I`m tired of the masquerade
Politicians fellate… and then get paid
Paid to sell a nation
Smashing your next of kin
We all know who will win
In this hour of need
Foulness is their ultimate deed
When will the populace awake
Some of us are trying!
Pushing for change
So sad we are crying
This twisted media only serves
Rich, white, conservative turds.

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