From Authority to Power.

From privilege to command to expectation to demand.

How many of us ever obtain an edge of authority?…Of course, as a citizen in a perceived democracy, we each of us have a certain amount of “authority” to demand our rights as a citizen..but in no way do we have authority to command. Yet there are those among us who through one set of circumstances or another see themselves as having that expectation to demand certain beliefs , rules, actions and cultural principles from those around us.

Once, Christian religion would claim it had “Authority from God” to proselytise, but that was when it didn’t want to be seen competing with vain Emperors for divine power. Once it was adopted (after much political lobbying) as THE State religion supplanting Paganism, it suddenly claimed that it now had the “Power of God” to demand certain behaviours from the brethren…and anyone else that could be forced or coerced to “believe” or suffer the pain of death upon refusal.

Likewise in our democracy, we; the people have seen those we have voted to Parliament morph’ from being “humbled beyond measure” to be granted the authority to serve “this great country” and everybody in “this great country” for the good of all..”… and after all..isn’t that what democracy is all about?”…To using false data, false flag events, contrived terrorism scares to now “demand” by the POWER of the State “ invested in me…”…and so on and so inflict the most restrictive and oppressive burdens on the most vulnerable. We have gone from Authority to Power without any sort of oversight or sunset clause..From a granted privilege to command to a perceived RIGHT to demand!

How does authority segue from rule of law provisions to dictatorship by decree?…Where does this self-proclaimed tyranny arise from?..Not surely from a doting parent’s spoiling of the child, for that would only go so far in any company…Not from one’s workmates in the field, for that would only meet with derision and ultimately a kick up the arse. So it must come from another source that can educate into a child’s mind all the nuances of expectation of a certain class of society..and that would have to be where many of those receiving similar indoctrination would not feel out of place believing and indeed, practicing a form of “rule by tyranny” on those beneath both their contempt or seniority.

The Private / Elite school education system…Where the wealthy and the wannabe hopefuls send their children to obtain instruction in the gentle arts of bastardry…: Supercilious authority, sneering condescension, vainglorious belief in self, total respect for the rule of capital over the rule of law. And entrance into a vast network of like-minded, small-minded middle-class wankers unfit for most useful though complex activities like the boiling of water and best slotted into positions of authority where such concentrated psychosis is put to the worst use…perhaps to even become a LNP Prime Minister…Like Malcolm Fraser (traitor to our democracy) The wannabe; Alexander Downer (career wanker) John Howard ( crimes against humanity) Tony Abbott (serial pants-dropper) and finally now the crème-della-crème of shit for brains – jelly for backbone Malcolm Turnbull ( ……………….what!?) . And remember, these are the finest representatives of such concentrated psychosis…the worst has been spared this nation (so far) and inflicted upon America!

These “Great Colleges” have been spewing out the most gormless (by percentage) “consciousness of kind” arseholes for more years than there are excuses for their incompetent behaviour..These “Great Colleges” have been taking public moneys of more billions than the tax-breaks for the parents of the kids who attend their privileged halls. But what have they really given the nation in return?…if we were to go by the above list of LNP Prime Ministers..and THAT is the usual channel that those hungry for power row their canoe down..then we can claim to have been seriously dudded. If we look to the majority of LNP ministers currently in the House of Rep’s , then we have been taken for absolute fools! If we look to the “leaders of industry”, then you need look no further than the list of court proceedings and current and future goal inmates.

Time to be rid of this pestilence…I call on a future Labor government to seriously restrict Private School funding to no more than “pencils and ink” support…and direct public moneys into public education. I call on a future Labor government to stop giving tax exemption to the religions and to investigate the networks that fast-track “old school tie” graduates into positions of authority. I call on us citizens to isolate those graduates from such elite institutions we meet in our lives that demand the rest of us follow their every diction and “informed” direction in both our opinions and lifestyle.

I have noticed that this segue from a position of authority to a attitude of power has even infiltrated onto social media…where we are slowly being restricted to blogs, commentary and views of the educated elite..their “in-house opinions” gaining ascendancy over the more “aggressive radical ”, the more “difficult” and the more “ intuitive” of those from working-class environs. One can pick the “set pieces” that allow a “safe” letting off of steam but never go too far to demand total radicalism or far-left change.. One can often find the “tch tch” of the waving finger of self-proclaimed authority reprimanding those running too close to stepping over the imaginary boundary of middle-class cultural decencies.. To the ultimate castigation that casts one into the wilderness of “not-amused” silence..That supreme weapon of dis-approval inflicted almost as a unanimous and instant mutual agreeance “murmuration” that has been educated into those minds by their tutors as “not deserving of comment” by a “better class citizen such as yourself ”….well suck eggs!…social media now has a reach open to every individual with many free blogs where one can voice one’s opinions and a twitterverse where one can promote one’s blogs with a freedom of speech never more available to everyperson..If one “cannot stand the heat, best stay out of the kitchen”, because with elections coming up this year, it is going to boil over very soon!..I am ready for it..ARE YOU?

I call for a revolution against upper middle-class tyranny!

I call for political governance by the educated working classes!

“Away with all pests!”

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